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Ally Wilkes

Stoker Award-nominated author

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Jamie Hallow and the End of the World

HP Lovecraft meets Mean Girls by way of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina in this queer, post-apocalyptic indie novella.

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All the White Spaces
(Stoker Award-nominated)

Stoker Award-

Something deadly and mysterious stalks the members of an isolated polar expedition in this haunting and spellbinding historical horror novel.


Where The Dead Wait

The 1800s Arctic: many ways to be lost, fewer ways to be found. The next chilling polar gothic novel from Ally Wilkes, for fans of Yellowjackets and The Terror. Out Dec 5 (US) and Jan 23 (UK).


Ernest Shackleton

"Men go out into the void spaces of the world for various reasons. Some are actuated simply by a love of adventure, some have the keen thirst for scientific knowledge, and others again are drawn away from the trodden paths by the "lure of little voices," the mysterious fascination of the unknown.


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